Specializing in Custom Impala SS and Caprice Parts

Specializing in Custom Impala SS and Caprice Parts

Specializing in Custom Impala SS and Caprice PartsSpecializing in Custom Impala SS and Caprice Parts

94-96 Impala SS / Caprice Double Din Installation Kit


The replacement dash panel includes a recessed cut out for the factory "Impala SS" or  "Caprice Classic" dash badge.  Simply unsnap to remove your car's dash badge and re-install it onto the replacement dash plastic.  


Complete Kit including Devcon 14300 (2 Part Plastic Weld Epoxy), GM wire harness and antenna adaptor.

This  kit will allow you to install a Double Din head unit in your 1994-1996  Impala SS or Caprice. Not only does this kit do the common swap of the  head unit and HVAC control location, but it provides the means to  install your Double Din Head Unit. The Installation bracket easily  supports the much heavier monitor head units. Easily accepts ISO  install.  Bracket, head unit, and HVAC control installation is very  easy, using factory dash mounting holes. The mounting bracket is  assembled from .075" steel sheets that have been CNC laser cut for a  perfect fit, assembled, fully welded, and powder coated.

Your vehicle's dash section is remodeled with the use of a new trim  plate that is enclosed with the kit. This plate is a 1/4" ABS plastic  sheet that has been CNC milled to perfection for this custom install. All factory dimensions and radiuses have been reproduced to maintain  your car's factory appearance.

Purchase this kit and save yourself the headache of fabricating up your own brackets, and the risk of damaging your expensive head unit.

Be advised that modifying will need to be performed on the exterior dash  plastic. A new, plastic center dash section (included and shown in top  pic) must be installed.  Minimal internal dash trimming needs to be  performed as well. Check out our Recommended Products Page to see what materials we have found to work the best.  Painting (process including a spray on SEM texture as well) of the replacement dash section is required to achieve results shown in pictures.

Please view the installation instructions to determine if you or your favorite installer will be doing this custom install.

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